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JustIQ is a division of Integrant Inc. specializing in information technology solutions for the student loan industry.


JustIQ provides IT solutions to streamline student loan companies. Learn how we can help every department increase efficiency and improve existing processes.


JustIQ's Intelligent Warehouse is cutting edge technology designed to give you an edge over your toughest competitors. We eliminate the guess work and enable executives to base corporate strategy on actual portfolio, borrower and loan performance.


JustIQ's Intelligent Processing streamlines the entire loan application, origination and disbursement process. We eliminate paper at every step of the loan lifecycle, minimize errors and omissions, improve efficiency and create an audit trail for each loan.


The JustIQ team promises to deliver the winning combination. We combine plug-and-play toolsets and custom solutions with information technology and education finance expertise to deliver a competitive edge.


We offer our clients an open architecture of solutions for every stage of the student loan lifecycle.


The student loan industry is dynamic and complex. Review our checklist before choosing an information technology partner.