The JustIQ team has dedicated over 300,000 project hours to building solutions for student lenders. We have experience building custom software solutions and providing custom implementation and integration services for every stage of the student loan lifecycle.

Industry Knowledge

We build high quality, custom software solutions that serve the unique needs of each student loan company. Our staff knows industry standards and regulations inside and out. JustIQ understands your day-to-day processes and with this experience we are able to complement the efforts of your internal staff.

Agile Development Methodology

How many times have you suffered through the long and painful birth of a very expensive software development project, only to find that the system is not fully-functional? Our agile development methodology enables us to deliver usable code in 4-8 week phases. There are no surprises.

Open Architecture

We also have ready-to-go components to automate generic processes such as automated emails, CL4 file management and e-sign. With agile development and ready-to-go tools, we are able to guarantee better, faster and cheaper development than any of our competitors.

Fully-Certified Staff

Most importantly, we only delivery high-quality systems. Every one of our developers is certified in their area of expertise. We take pride in our work and hold ourselves to the highest development and delivery standards. In fact, we are the only independent and Microsoft Gold certified company providing custom solutions for the student loan industry.