Intelligent Warehouse

JustIQ’s Intelligent Warehouse is a development platform that integrates all internal and external systems.

Benefits include precise analysis, accurate reporting and enterprise-wide sharing of all information related to every stage of the student loan lifecycle.

The Intelligent Warehouse includes three subsystems:

  • Data Warehouse to store and share all information from internal and external systems.
  • Integration Tools to enable disparate systems to communicate and ensure data accuracy.
  • Business Intelligence tools to accelerate data analysis.

Intelligent Warehouse enables executives to make sound business decisions.

  • Forecast portfolio performance with unprecedented accuracy.
  • Share information across the enterprise as data becomes reliable, trusted and secure.
  • Improve the organization’s ability to adapt to a changing market and future regulatory changes.
  • Free the organization from inefficient, manual data manipulation and analysis.
  • Secure data by storing it in one location and controlling access.

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