Open Architecture

Our goal is to complement the efforts of your internal team and enhance the value of your existing systems. We take an open approach to building and delivering solutions that fit your current system architecture.

We strongly believe that every software solution for the student loan industry should be custom, whether it is built from scratch or starts with an off-the-shelf solution. We offer ready-to-go components to accelerate the development process. 

The below graphic shows a mix of ready-to-go components, custom software solutions and customized off-the-shelf products and represents our vision for open architecture solutions.



Most importantly, we are solution agnostic. Our components can be integrated with any existing system and our people are multi-lingual. We deliver code in every language.

Every initiative to implement new technology starts with the question Build vs. Buy? We believe each client’s needs are unique. The JustIQ team helps clients make the best decision for their business.