Salah Aldeen Ahmad

Current Occupation: Project Manager

Specialty: System Design and Project Management. Designing and implementing several web and client-server applications. During the past few years, I have been focusing on systems related to the Student Loan Industry. I worked on designing, implementing and integrating Loan Processing, Loan Origination, Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management systems

Claim to Fame: Graduated at the top of my class, with honors. Eight successful professional years!

Book: The Tipping Point… How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

Movie: Finding Nemo

Music: Easy Listening - Check out the “Cafe Anatolia / Bahar” album!

Expression: “Out Of Ten?”

Heroes: My Dad

Song: The Eagles - Hotel California

Sport: Basketball

Movie Star: Jim Carrey

Pet Peeve: Negativity

Comfort Food: Thai Cuisine

TV Episode: Call of the Simpsons

If you could be a super hero: Designer of super hero aircrafts

Greatest Achievement: I believe I have yet to accomplish my greatest achievement in life.